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The Patriots will accept the President's summons

White House spokesman on Thursday announced that the New England Patriots will visit the White House on April 19, which is the United States President Donald - Trump invited, NFL as the first four major North American sports league, Season Super Bowl champion is naturally supported by every President of the United States, and Donald - Trump is even more so, because Trump and Patriot quarterback Tom - Brady and coach Bill - Billy Cech's personal friendship is very good, the patriots visit the White House may also be wiped out different sparks.

Although the Patriots have five times to win the Super Bowl champion, but the New England Patriots have only seen two presidents, because during the Bush service, the Patriots won three championships, so a small Bush received a Patriot three times The The last time the patriots visited the White House was in 2014, when Obama was in office, but then Tom Brady did not go to the White House for personal reasons. But now good friend Trump took office, Tom - Brady is still full of joy to look forward to the White House trip.

However, due to Trump's political problems, Patriots have not part of the players will not go to the White House, there have been many championship members have said that when the team will not attend the players, including Blanche, , Just renew the Hartor, running back Blount, McCoy and Chris - Long. It seems that Donald - Trump in the Patriots lineup is not very much to be seen. For this new England Patriot boss Card Ford said the players have the right to choose whether to go to the White House to see the president, and no one will interfere with their thoughts. So this time the patriots to visit the White House to reduce the number of people is sure, but Breddy this time will be with the team is also sure, can not do Brady will be with that writing "Let the United States once again great (Trump campaign When the slogan) "the hat appeared to it.

Last month the New England Patriots won the Patriot to the White House next month. The team will be the first NFL champion team to travel to the White House during his tenure, and the first professional team to visit the White House during his tenure.
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