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NFL:Union rules prohibit capping free kicks

PHOENIX -- NFL owners zipped through their agenda this week at their annual meetings, wrapping up discussions a full day earlier than planned. The Oakland Raiders' relocation to Las Vegas carried the headlines, but a few important, visible rule changes were approved in a flurry of action Tuesday.

NFL major bosses after the rally through the raiders moved to Las Vegas after the matter, and today to vote to make a rule change, a total of two rules of the game has changed, namely: to prohibit defensive players skip Attack protection to try to block or block the free kick and additional points shot; the second is whenever a player has a serious head impact is immediately expelled.

The Philadelphia Eagles took the lead in making the proposal because of the fact that many players leaped last season to try to stop the other goal, so the NFL players union supported the proposal for security reasons. Beginning in 2017, the new regulations will join the NFL rules, prohibit the player leap block will greatly reduce the shooting interference. The chairman of the club union, Eric - Winston as an offensive striker protection player is very much in favor of this.

"Skip the cover to block the shot for each person is very dangerous, if you cross the center, then you will be in a very dangerous place, he may head to the ground, they are easy to be suppressed and injured, So I'm interested in these proposals, and I think we have to do some things. "As an offensive striker, Eric Winston said frankly.

Of course, some people support it was against, Seattle Seahawks two defensive frontier Bobby - Wagner and Km - Chanceler said it could not understand. Both in their own Twitter, respectively, expressed their dissatisfaction. "The boring league, you were managed by people who had never been hurt, how could that make people feel happy?" Said Kham Chanel, who played against the Carolina Panthers, "" We are very creative and we will find other ways to deal with it, "he said.

What it means: This change outlaws the emerging strategy to leap over the line of scrimmage to block extra point attempts or field goal attempts. There were three such blocks last season before teams adjusted and put the leaper in jeopardy of being flipped in the air and landing awkwardly. Players, coaches and the league all considered it a safety risk. As much fun as it is to watch the play unfold, I can't disagree with this decision. Teams will have to find a new way to defeat special-teams blocking schemes.

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